Friday, August 15, 2008

Blast from the Past

I grew up in New Jersey. I haven't lived there in a very long time...24 years, to be exact. I've lived in a couple of different states since I left NJ and am now living in the south (which is a WHOLE 'nother post!).

One day, about a month ago, a guy with whom The Husband works wore a t-shirt with the name of a neighboring town in NJ to the one in which I grew up. (Did you follow that one?!) Once The Husband told me the man's name, I realized he is my first grade teacher's husband! They, obviously, no longer live in NJ. They're here in the same town we are! SMALL world. I called her and we planned to get together.

Today was our get-together. The kids and I went to her house for a visit. What a GREAT time we had! She looks the same to me as she did when she was my teacher some 33 years ago. (Damn, I'm old!) The only thing that saddens me is that she is no longer teaching and my children will never have her as a teacher. I don't remember much about first grade, but I remember that I really liked my teacher! It was wonderful re-connecting with her, and I look forward to our friendship developing.

On a side note, remember that trip to the beach we just took? That trip...that 4 days in the sun at the one got sunburned. I sprayed the kids with sunscreen (spf 70) but wasn't as vigilant as I should have been and got lucky that The Girl (who is a redhead) did not get burned. Today's forecast was for nice weather...mid to upper 80s (same as at the beach). We spent the day at the pool and the marina, both of which were nice and relaxing. The kids behaved remarkably well (they were saving all their attitude and mischief for our grocery trip later). I put sunscreen on both kids...twice. This, however, was lotion, not the spray-on kind. It was spf 45. The Girl got burned. I felt awful! 4 days at the beach and she's day at a pool at home and she's damned near crispy! BAD Mommy!! *sigh* I slathered her in aloe when we got home and she says it does not hurt...


  1. I always forget to reapply but luckily Ned has the "Mexican" gene from his dad so doesn't burn, but I usually do.

    Hope she is okay!

  2. Sorry she's so well done. You gotta watch those red heads.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. We are hitting the pool today for the last weekend of the year, my kids are SO tan still they just keep getting darker!!

  4. How great to have that contact. I don't remember many teachers from the first three years but I DO remember my first ever teacher - Mrs Burrell.

    Did I say thanks for stopping by already??

  5. Very cool about your teacher. Small world sometimes, isn't it?

    I hear you about the redheads. I'm am always paranoid about my Emma getting burned while out and about. Especially since they have discovered most sun damage happens when they are young... EEK!


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