Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wait for it...wait for it...

Today was back-to-school shopping day. The Husband and some friends took off for the weekend for a mountain bike race. I knew it was now or never to get the shopping done so I went for it. I tried to kidnap a friend to come along but her oldest daughter is going off to college and they were moving her today. So...I was on my own.

The Boy had football practice this morning so we had to take care of that first. Then, we came home, ate lunch, and went on our merry way. There is not a lot of shopping around here - no malls or anything - so we were headed out of town. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the DVD player in my van? I swore when they first came out that they were evil and I would never own such a thing. Now? I could not live without it! We don't allow the kids to use it if we are in town, but if we are going anywhere over 45 min to an hour, they can watch. The mall we went to is just about an hour from the house, so the kids were quiet in the van.

We got to the mall and I explained we could do this the hard way or the easy way. They *said* they wanted to do it the easy way (don't they always) but I wasn't holding my breath. I grabbed my purse and our contracts and off we went into the mall. Our contracts, by the way, are my latest in ensuring the kids actually WEAR the clothing they claim to love and can't leave the store without. Simply put, it says I, __(child's name)____, chose this particular item of clothing. I like it, it is comfortable, it fits, and I will wear it. The item is from __(store)___ and this is what it is: _______(description of clothing)_______. Signed: __________ Date:_______. I know - I'm brilliant! In reality, I was sick and tired of the kids claiming they never liked the item in the first place and it doesn't fit right or is not comfortable. I kept all receipts so if they go back on their word, they will have to pay for said clothing.

We went along and did some serious shopping. I haven't been to a mall in close to a year so it was a tremendous amount of fun for me as well. Besides, Mommy can always use some new work clothes, so I got to do some shopping as well! And...I have to say, for the most part, the kids WERE good. They were well behaved the entire time. I don't even think they bickered more than one time! I could not believe it. They were even good when I was shopping for me! I know! It's crazy!

The drive home was equally peaceful to the drive up but once we got into the house, all hell broke loose! I knew they couldn't hold it together much longer, so I guess I'm not surprised. We were able to get almost everything we needed. The Girl still needs sneakers and a pair of brown shoes; The Boy needs sneakers and I would *like* for him to get some shoes, but I doubt he will.

Anyway, I just had to share the strange phenomenon that was my day today! The Husband just called, too, and he will be home late tonight. Maybe he'll take the kids for shoes tomorrow and I can have some alone time....Hey - I figure if I dream it enough, it might come true!


  1. Whohoooo good job on shopping!! I dread back to school shopping...UGH

  2. Oh... my word. I need that contract.

    My mom STILL... 31 years later... gives me a hard time about some saddle shoes I had to have for Kindergarten and never wore.



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