Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Last night was the first home game of the local high school. It was the first time I'd gone to a game and I tell you...EVERYONE was there! Apparently, it's a big social event in town! I saw kids from The Girl's gymnastics team, doctors I know, and, of course, kids from The Boy's football team. The Boy and The Girl did not attend the game with me - it was going to be too late, but we're all going next week because it's the "big rivalry" between two of the high schools in the county.

Anyway, I made some interesting observations at the game. First off, I was stunned to see how gussied up some people get to go to a football game. They had metal detectors (which is a good thing, I guess, but I wish they were not necessary) and so many women/girls I saw set it off with their jewelry! Many women/girls had large, chunky jewelry. I saw women in dresses, too...and I'm not talking the cute, summery sundresses. These women were wearing the types of dresses one would wear in a nice office. I suppose they may have come from work, but I'd have brought a change of clothes!

The second observation I made was the number of kids there who were obviously not there to actually WATCH the game. I don't know...when I was in high school, we watched the games. Everyone did. It was why we went. Sure...there was socializing...there always is, but it was while we were watching the game. The guys especially watched the games (which, I admit, sometimes annoyed us girls, but what can you do?!)

It was a fun game and the home team won, so that was good. Wish 'em luck next week!


  1. I'm a high school teacher, and can tell you that kids go to the game to be seen, not to watch the players on the field. It's the ultimate high school Hot Social Spot!

  2. Oh yea, my kids HAVE to go to the game but they don't sit and watch it, they are off being social. Ugh, I guess I did the same thing though LOL


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