Sunday, August 24, 2008

My hot date with The Husband

We had a hot date last night. We were celebrating our anniversary (a bit late) so we decided to go out on a real, live date. Around 6:40, the babysitter came over. That put The Boy and The Girl in extremely high spirits. Plus, they asked her if she wanted to watch the movie Holes and when she said yes, they nearly flipped!

The Husband and I went out to a nice dinner at Bonefish. They have really good martinis (sorry, Molly!) and I was definitely in the mood for a martini or two. Dinner was really nice, except it was relatively quick. We were finished just after 8pm and we knew no respectable date could possibly end so soon! What would people say? What would the sitter think? We *had* to give the kids time to finish their movie! So, we did what any self-respecting couple would do in such a predicament. We went to the grocery store! Woohoo! Let me tell you - we are wild, crazy people around here! We managed to kill enough time there (and, subsequently at the gas station) that The Boy even called us to see where we were and when we would be home! (Of course, this was at 9:15, but still...)

Regardless, we had a great time. We're like that, though. It doesn't matter what we do as much as the fact that we do stuff together (and without kids!).

PS - Dear Automotive Designers,
Why is it that there are no longer outside locks on front passenger doors? Is chivalry so far gone that even the automotive industry has thrown in the towel? Keyless remotes are entirely too big for many men to carry in their pockets, so they will take only the key. The problem with this, as you can see, is that a gentleman can no longer open a lady's door for her without first going to the drivers' side and opening that door. C'mon, guys. Help bring chivalry back, would ya? Put the locks on the passenger doors too, please!


  1. You have no need to apologize because you have yet to try one of my fabulous concoctions so you have nothing to compare the inferior ones to!

    And I think you should have checked into a seedy motel that rents rooms by the hour and had some happy time without the kids in the next room!!!

    Glad you got to spend some time together though, happy anniversary.

  2. LOL!!! I love Mr. B's car because it DOES have locks - and not even POWER ones, so he unlocks my door for me, and then I get to lean over and unlock his side for him... I love that!!!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary!!

  3. Sounds fun - did you neck in the frozen foods??

  4. Suddenly I want bang bang shrimp. Love me some Bonefish. And I'm with you on the door thing...The Man used to always open my door and then we got one of those new fangled cars with entries like yours and all of a sudden, I feel rejected on a date night. Whats up?

    And I'm all about going to the grocery on a date night. The Man took me to Goodwill for a date one night and I was happy as a lark. I got boots. It was great.


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