Friday, November 14, 2008

I KNEW it was coming...just a matter of time!

Remember way back when we went school shopping? I made the kids sign contracts for every item of clothing I purchased. I did this because The Husband and The Boy didn't believe the kids swore they loved every item I purchased at the time of the purchase. This time, I made the kids sign a contract that said

I, __________________ chose this particular item of clothing. I like it, it is comfortable, it fits, and I will wear it. The item is from ______________ and this is what it is: _____________________________________________.
Signed: ______________ Date:____________

Well, today I had to dig out those contracts and receipts. The Boy refused to wear the jeans we bought. He claimed they were NOT comfortable and he "couldn't wear them!" I got the contracts and receipts out and collected my $30!

I'm sorry, but I am SO tired of this nonsense! It happens every year and at least now I have PROOF that he *did* like AND want the clothes we bought! *sigh*


  1. Sometimes you just have to pull out the proof. (What a funny idea.)
    Mine swears they got "too short" for him to wear anymore.

  2. I absolutely love this idea. My 6 yr old buys shoes and then swears they hurt his feet without even wearing them!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by Friday!

  3. What a great idea!
    My 9 year old diva gets so hopped on the shop that she picks things she never wears!

    I should make her start paying for some of them....


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