Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's always ME...

I'm out of town...I'm in New Jersey right now because my grandma just turned 90 and we're having a party. The party is in NY but the hotels in Jersey are way cheaper! We have a big family, so we need a hotel with plenty of space...AND an indoor pool!

Last night, we all went out to dinner. When I say "all," I mean the whole lot of us...all 20 of us! Without reservations, this is no easy feat! We decided to go to a place where we could order and then sit and eat...not the best place, but easy enough (and no - not fast food). Anyway, I don't know if it was what I ate per se or the fact that I ate something somewhat greasy and not in my normal repertoire (and don't check the spelling on that one...I've no clue!), but I ended up sick.

I hate being sick at's so much worse at a hotel! Anyway, I'm trying my best to feel better...the big party is today. Wish me luck - no fun if I puke in Grandma's birthday cake!! And that party...well, there are closer to 50 people coming to that one!

I will say, though, that we flew up this time, so the trip was far better than our last jaunt up this way!!


  1. Oh bother... that's very much not fun! I hope you get better QUICK!!!

  2. So sorry that happened. It's no fun being sick - especially when there's a party going on.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Happy Birthday to your Grandma!

  4. Awe I hope your feeling better by now and can enjoy the party!!!


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