Saturday, December 20, 2008

Only the beginning

Tonight, The Girl had her gymnastics expo. All levels of artistic girls and boys, as well as the Tumble and Trampoline teams were there to show off what they've got. It was really nice - there is a level 10 boy and a level 9 girl at their gym, so it was really neat to see them perform, too.

As with all gymnastic meets, it was chaotic at best, but we were able to keep an eye on The Girl and watch all four of her events. She did *really* well on all of them. Her floor routine is a tad fast (ok - very fast) but she does it well. I shot some video, but it's a mess! I'm glad I taped her practice last night - the video is cleaner and it is easier to see. I've learned, too, that I most likely will not video tape the meets but rather tape her practices. That way, she'll be able to see what she is doing right and where she needs improvement. Still - tonight - trying to video tape, shoot stills, and watch her was too much for me!


In other news, I got a new, cool digital video camera for my birthday. It was a belated gift from my parents (but they are not to took me forever to decide what I wanted!). The camera came Wednesday, so last night was the first time I got to play with it. It's super cool. It's a Sony HDR-SR10 High Definition Camcorder. I would love to tell you the link price is what we paid, but, alas, that is not so. We did not know of B&H when we ordered this camera and we got it from another, more expensive store.

Then, this week I also got my Chanukah present from The Husband. He got me a new digital camera! (Happy technology to me!) After some research, we settled on the Canon EOS Rebel XS. We did order the Canon from B&H - and got the package deal (an extra lens).

I had a LOT of fun playing with this guy tonight. I shot a ton of pix at The Girl's expo. The lighting was not particularly good, though, so we'll see what happens when I photoshop them.


  1. Just takes practice!!! You'll be a pro in no time!!

  2. You'll have a ball with those but it's really hard to take pictures/video at the meets. It's so fast that you don't really get to watch if you're on audio/video detail.
    Maybe we should have our own professional photog to travel with us - wait they do have that there but it's $50 a cd. That gets expensive.
    Can't wait to see more pictures.

  3. You need to stop by my blog - we have something in common :)


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