Monday, March 2, 2009

Some changes...and other stuff

I know...I've been big-time MIA. There has been so much going on I hardly know where to begin. Go ahead and get your drink and a snack...I think we're going to be a while!!

Remember back when I said there'd be some changes? Well, one of the changes is that we are moving. The Husband is able to go back to his old job and we couldn't be happier about that. As beautiful as it is here, we've never really been happy...and it will be so nice not to have a sperm tree in our front yard!

Originally, we had planned on moving over the summer. That made sense to us. Last week we were told they need him back sooner than that...WAY sooner! In fact, they want him back in about 2 months!

The kids won't be out of school for another month after The Husband starts his old job; I won't finish work till then either. We have to move our house all at once and we have to do it earlier than later! Can you say "stress?"

We have decided to "move" our house over spring break. After that, we'll move to a small, furnished apartment/condo to finish the school year. I have taken two teaching jobs after teachers have quit and I have seen what that does to students. I swore I would never do that and so I insist on staying through the end of the year. I could never put my students through that sort of abandonment, especially at the end of the school year.

So, needless to say, we've been very busy here packing and looking and planning.

In other news, The Girl had her final gymnastics meet this past weekend. Her team competed against some very stiff competition and it showed. The Girl did really well, though, and we're actually more proud of her than ever. Her first rotation was on bars. She was doing an amazing routine; however, just before her dismount, she did something and hit her foot and ended up going head-first over the bar and, ultimately, onto the ground. She hurt her ankle some. Her coach helped her up so she could salute the judges. Her score ended up being an 8.125, which was super impressive since she did not do a dismount! The judges were pretty tough; even The Girl's coach was impressed her score was so high after the fall.

At this point, we were worried about The Girl; this was a true test of character for her. She has been extremely successful in her other meets and, until now, had not scored anything below an 8.500 (and that was at her first meet). We were also concerned about her injury, but it turned out to be nothing; she was more embarrassed than hurt. It was time to see what she would do next. Would she cave and blow the rest of the meet or would she rally?

I'm so proud to say she rallied. Beam has been her best event so far. She managed an 8.625, which was the best score on her team. She followed that with a 9.175 on floor and a 9.225 on vault, earning a 4th place medal. Her all-around score was a 35.150 and she finished in 6th place.

The Boy begins baseball this week; he'd have started tonight but we had snow.

I hate that I am such a bad blogger lately and I fear it will get worse before it gets better. Please bear with me! I'll post as often as I can!


  1. I don't mean to sound dense... but how far of a move will you be making?

  2. Oooo, big changes are in the works. I know that overall y'all are excited about this, even though you have to go through the stressful times to get there. Just hang in there & it will get better.
    As for The Girl, I'm so thankful she wasn't seriously injured & proud of her for going on. Great job!
    Baseball starts for us this week as well & we couldn't be more excited - bring on those warmer temps & take me out to the ballgame.

  3. I am so proud of her for finishing and doing so well! As for the move, don't sweat the small stuff...take time to stop and smell the roses...ok, really that's all I've got. :-) If you need help once you get here, just give me a call. I seem to have an overabundance of free time now that I am a woman of leisure. Seems I don't like daytime tv and bon bons are not all they are cracked up to be. HURRY HOME!

  4. Hopefully everything will just fall into place when you finally get the moving completely finished.

  5. Good luck with the move. Congrats to The Girl on her score. That is a really good one considering her fall. Hope she's feeling better..


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