Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Catching up

Yesterday, The Girl started cheerleading camp. It's nothing serious...just a 4-day camp at the school. I wasn't going to bother but it is the last year The Girl can go and I knew some of her school friends would be there. Since she has not seen these friends in a long time, we decided to sign her up.

The camp is from 9-noon. We got there a bit early, but that was fine. I immediately began chatting with a friend, who happened to be The Boy's and then The Girl's second-grade teacher. We all adore this woman. A few minutes later, other mommies and their daughters came in and the chatting continued. We actually moved from the main hallway to another teacher (who had joined us)'s classroom. The Boy was, of course, bored to tears, but whatever! Of course, I was supposed to be home waiting for the telephone guy to come hook up our home phone, but I figured hoped he'd actually call before showing up.

Finally, at 11am, the chat session broke up. With only an hour before the end of camp, there was no point in coming home! I stayed with our favorite teacher and helped her some in her classroom. Then, as I went to pick-up The Girl, I ran into another mommy I'd missed terribly. We chatted another HOUR! It was well after 1pm when I made my way home!

The good things that came out of the day (aside from catching up with friends, which, to me, is priceless) were that The Boy was invited by the basketball coach to come to the final two days of conditioning camp (last night and tomorrow night), and the phone guy called at 2:15 to say he'd be here in half an hour...I didn't miss him!

The phone is installed and working. There was no need to dig another trench in the yard to replace the phone cord; the installer was able to patch it. Funny thing about that phone cord, too. The installer said there was already a patch there. The best we can guess is that the renter cut the cord when he dug the hole in the first place and had it repaired. Then, for whatever reason, poured the cement over the repaired wire...???! Whatever!


  1. Sounds nice - nothing like catching up with old friends.
    Glad you're enjoying being back.

  2. That's the best, just talking and catching up :)


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