Saturday, June 27, 2009

Murphy's Law

One of the items on our list of things-to-do-once-we-finally-get-back-into-our-house was pressure washing and resealing the deck. Because it is summertime, this is much easier said than done. It rains here almost daily! We checked the weather and decided to get started on it Thursday night. We managed to get the whole deck pressure-washed. Our plan was to stain it Friday night.

Guess what happened Friday night! No, really. Guess.

Yep! It rained. And, not just regular rain. No. It poured like CRAZY!

We decided today would be a better day. The Girl went to a sleepover last night and stayed up ALL NIGHT, so we knew she was going to sleep all day. Knowing we could not go anywhere, we put her to bed and got busy on the deck.

Staining and sealing a deck is really not that bad, except for the spindles...those are a total pain. The Husband had started the job while I was at the grocery, but I soon jumped in and we made relatively short work of the job. That is, until the rain started! We were almost finished with the spindles when the first drops spit down. Luckily, there was no deluge, but it rained for good 10 - 15 minutes...all the while with the sun shining brightly! We had to stop our work.

The rain quickly ended and we waited for the deck to dry again. With heat indexes above 100, we knew it wouldn't be long. We managed to complete the job.

Unfortunately, I forgot to shoot any pix. Next time...

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  1. Yuk, that is the worst job!!! I did mine two years ago when I first moved into my house and it def needs it again!! But it's SOOOO hot here lately there is no way I could do it! Maybe in the fall I will get to it :)


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