Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sales Etiquette 101

The Husband and I are in a funny place. We love our home...absolutely love it. We do *not* like our lot. When we did our final walk-through, the selling agent was here and told us our yard was significantly larger than we thought. I told her I didn't think she was correct, but she argued that she was, in fact, telling the truth. Sure enough, when I walked way back into the woods, I saw property markers with our lot number. Cool. At closing, however, we were handed a plot drawing of what I had thought was our lot. The selling agent said it was the original drawing and that the area had been re-surveyed. They simply did not have the new drawings yet but we'd get one ASAP. [This is where that little voice says "WALK AWAY! WALK AWAY!" but we ignored that voice.] Later, when I phoned the survey company, I was told the area was never "re-surveyed" and the drawing we received was the most accurate.

Our lot is, then, significantly smaller than one would think. There are natural dividers on the land, but the homes behind us (across the culvert that is filled with rock) own the property one would think is ours. Instead of being close to 1 acre, our lot is more like 1/3 an acre.

We are, as of yet, unsure what we are going to do about this situation; we have owned this home only 4 years and are not really interested in selling. It's also not a particularly good time to sell, and if we were going to, we could have easily sold to our renters (which The Husband suggested multiple times). Shoulda...coulda...didn't. Whatever.

In the meantime, we've found some property we like. If we were to purchase it, we would first put a pole barn up as a garage. The Husband really wants a big garage and, let's be honest, he should have one. He deserves it for all he puts up with! It would then be another couple of years before we began building our house. In all, I'm thinking it'd be another 3 years minimum before we moved.

Last night, we went online and looked at pole barns. They are far more reasonable than I had expected. One company called us back today (we had to fill out our info in order to get info...I hate that). The man who called this evening was a complete idiot. I realize I am female; however, that does not mean I am clueless. Go ahead and speak to me if you want our business! He *finally* stops hemming and hawwing and starts talking. I'm getting good information from him. Then, he screws it all up by saying "even a single mom of two can put one of our buildings together."

Seriously? Did you just say that to a woman? What a freaking dipshit! I should have known he was a complete fool when he asked what we'd be using the building for and was dumbfounded when I said "a garage." He was speechless at that point. What did he think we were going to use it for...a new strip club?! It's a pretty small building as far as pole barns go...not the smallest they have, but close.

I hate when people talk down to me. I'm not saying I'm more intelligent than the average person, but give me the benefit of the doubt. In this instance, speak to me the way you would a man.

He's definitely NOT the top guy on the call-back list!

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  1. That was one of the biggest shocks that I had, when I arrived over here in the US... the way I was treated because I was a woman ...especially when it came to talking to slesmen .. or even in some cases, salewomen..

    I was kind of like stepping back a couple of decades. Buying a car is an example. I had bought cars in New Zealand and never had a saleman refer to me as 'Darling', 'Sweetheart' or 'Little Lady'. I even had one suggest that I bring my husband down as he could look at all the 'technical stuff'...grrrrrr

    I really hate it, so I feel for you..

    You have to wonder where it comes from !

    I'd like to say that I can't believe that salesman said that ...but unfortunately its all to common.

    You have to wonder if they have special sales classes on how to thoroughly pee off women !!


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