Friday, August 7, 2009

Home Alone

Let me begin this post by letting you know if it wasn't for coffee, I would not be here right now!

So...yesterday, I mentioned The Girl had a fever. It was pretty high Wednesday night, but low all day yesterday. Last night, as I was about to go to sleep, she came in my room crying that she could not swallow and breathing was hurting. In an attempt to not be the callous, uncaring mother I really am, I decided to investigate. I was concerned it might be strep. If it hadn't been for the fever, I'd have had her sleep it off!

I woke The Boy and we all dressed. I thought to tell everyone to grab a sweatshirt...thank goodness...and off we went to the ER. It was midnight when we left the house. We returned home at 4 AM. Apparently, we missed the 10 (yes, I said 10) ambulances that had just come through! We had some mightly long waits! Thank goodness for Nintendo DS, TV, and the sweatshirts (although we were ALL freezing by the time we left!).

The Girl's throat culture came back negative but they were sending it off for the longer culture. They gave her some oral steroids, two prescriptions, paperwork on tonsillitis, and sent us on our way.

This afternoon, when I woke up (yeah...I slept till almost 11am!), I realized I had to fill the prescriptions. I did not want to drag The Girl with me. I decided it was time to try leaving the kids home alone.

Luckily (if you want to call it that), we live less than 1.5 miles from the nearest mega-store (although you would never know that if you were in our neighborhood...thank goodness!). I ran to said mega-store and, as luck would have it, there was no line at the pharmacy! Then, I danced the happy dance. I asked the pharmacist how long it would take to fill the prescriptions and he said 15 minutes. I ran to get soup for The Girl and came back.

Wanna know what happened next?

Are you ready for this?

THE PRESCRIPTIONS WERE READY!! No, seriously! Both of them. Done! I nearly died! And...when I paid for them, the pharmacist at this same mega-store we all love to hate took time to make sure I understood how to administer these medications (not difficult, but still...nice).

In all, I was gone from my house about 20 minutes! It was a miracle! OK - not a miracle; not even close, but amazing none-the-less!


  1. Hopefully it turns out to be nothing serious but I bet the constant fevers are if nothing else annoying and a bit scary (if not for you at least for the Girl).

    Sorry about the extra long wait at the ER (I HATE hospitals and doctors for just that reason) but glad that the medications were ready in a very quick fashion.

    Keep us updated as to how the Girl is feeling.

  2. I'm glad their first time alone went well! I hope the Girl feels better soon- poor thing! :(


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