Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Simple Life

So we all know times are tough right now. The economy is crap (OK - my economy is crap) and jobs are not easy to find. I knew when we moved I'd be giving up my job, but I never dreamed I wouldn't walk right into another one. After all, I totally walked into my last job and I wasn't expecting that one.

Silly me!

There are were some jobs out there. Big surprise that I didn't land one of the few. No really - it is a me, anyway.

I'm torn on the whole thing. On the one hand, I'm excited that I will have more time to devote to my kids and their needs. Both gymnastics and football run during the same "season" and I know I'll be busy running. Despite gymnastics being all year, competition season is in the fall/winter, same as football. The Boy is supposed to be playing for the middle school this year (EEK!).

I'm also happy to know that I don't have to work every day and if The Girl gets one of her crazy fevers like she did last night (103.3 out of the blue), I won't have to go crazy fighting with The Husband over who has to stay home with her!

Of course, this also means no more cleaning lady. I actually have to clean my house myself. I am NOT happy about that one.

I won't be sitting on my bum every day, though. I am involved in the parent association at the kids' school, and I volunteer a lot. I am also signed up to be a substitute teacher. In fact, I have an interview for that on Wednesday. The pay is decent...not good, but better than nothing! Maybe I'll slide into a few long-term sub jobs.

Let's hope I settle into this new role well and it suits me...

Oh - and btw, the hives are finally gone!

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  1. Subbing is FUN -- no planning, no grading, no agonizing over which students are not doing as well as they should. Take it from a former sub who really enjoyed doing it 99% of the t1me.


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