Sunday, October 18, 2009

Football recap

So...I mentioned that whirlwind of activity. I *think* it is slowing, but I can't be sure! Still, I hope it is.

We went on a quick vacation. I say quick because we had to fit the vacation between The Boy's football games, which occur every Saturday.

You'll notice that I have not written much about The Boy's football season. The biggest reason is because it does not compare with last season...or the year before, for that matter. This year, The Boy plays on the middle school team. Traditionally, middle school teams (at least around here) play 7th & 8th graders only. Since my kids go to a small school and a lot of the MS players moved up to high school this year, the school allowed the 6th grade boys to play. The team has about 10 or 11 6th graders...and there are only about 20 kids on the team! Some of these boys have never played organized tackle football before. Needless to say, they do not have a good record.

That being said, The Boy is having a great time. He is playing his heart out. Most of the time, he plays nearly the whole game.

Except this week.

This week, The Boy was punished. He missed practice all week and the coaches decided that was not acceptable. They benched him.

Normally, I'd have no problem with this; it is the coach's prerogative to play the players he chooses and to bench those he feels need to be benched. My problem is that the kids were out of school this week. We went out of town. Many people went out of town. That's what you do when you have a week off from school. Since we left the state and The Boy is not quite 12 years old, he was not able to stay home alone. We went to visit family; he is part of the family, so he came with us. Punishing him for that is a bit unreasonable.

Also, he was not the only boy who went out of town. I don't know if the others who missed practice were not played, as I don't know all the boys who were out of town. I do know that some of the boys who WERE here all week played no more than The Boy, which is odd. They lost the game 40something to nothing. The few plays The Boy played were great. He managed to tackle a boy at least twice his size and, in another play, was able to recover a loose ball.

The best part? He did not complain even ONCE about not playing. He knew it was a possibility and he handled it well. He stayed with the coach - by his side the entire game - but did not complain at all. In fact, we were almost to the car before he said one word about his not playing. I'm so proud of him.


  1. Sometimes that's just the way it goes. It stinks, though. I'm glad he handled it in a mature way & I'm glad y'all got to have a little vacation.

  2. That is because MOST of the time he is a team player!


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