Wednesday, December 30, 2009

About The Boy

It's not The Boy's birthday...that was earlier in the month. It's not any special occasion, really. I just feel like writing about him. I was reading this post from Optimistic Cynicism and it really got me thinking. I miss my little guy.

My little guy, by the way, is twelve. He wears a size 8 1/2 or 9 shoe, depending on manufacturer. He is 1/4" shy of 5' tall. Very soon, he will be taller than I am. That's bizarre. I just bought him new jeans because I fear one day this month, he'll wake up and have grown 2" - 3" in the night; his jeans will be above his ankles! Right now, he's getting away with size 10 jeans, but mostly for play clothes. The new ones are size 14 slim. I also bought him a pair of ADULT SIZED jeans!! Freaked me right out. American Eagle seems to understand there are still a good number of thin people out there; they carry jeans with a 26" waist. I bought The Boy a pair of jeans sized 26/28. I was amazed at how well they fit.

I was very excited about American Eagle's much so that I told The Husband he can now get jeans there. He laughed at me and said he'd be fine with his Levis, thankyouverymuch! No, they rarely carry more than one pair of his size in stores, but he can order them online when needed.

As I was saying, I was so struck by the above-mentioned post, I started thinking back to all the cute things The Boy used to say. He used to call remote controls comote retrols, apple pie a la mode was apple pie a ma lode, cookies were nonnies and, therefore, Cookie Monster was Nonnie Rah-Rah. Makes sense to me! Basketballs were boppies and basketball goals were boppie doals, which sounded a lot like barbie dolls but were DEFINITELY not the same thing!

I'm not one for resolutions and such, but I think my goal for this coming year is to try to be more appreciative of my kids and the moments that are slipping by. I want to hold onto them forever. I have gobs and gobs of photos, and I even have videos, but it's just not the same.

My "little guy" is amazing. His sister is pretty darned cool too. I'll have to take another day to write about her.


  1. They do grow up quickly don't they? I'm a big fan of American Eagle as well & they did get quite a bit of my Christmas budget for B's gifts this year. My guy is about 1 1/2 in. shorter than me now - unreal.

  2. Definitely Appreciate them now, and don't forget to store away the memories of these days. Sometimes it so good to remember the good times with your children..even when they are all grown up and living far away!

    Love you....

  3. They grow up too fast. I'm not looking forward to the day when my Little Man no longer walks up to me and asks for a "huggie?" He's 7, I know the day is around the corner. Damn it.

  4. My boy is growing up way too fast too! He goes to his dad's every other weekend and at first I relax and enjoy the time to myself, then I can't stand the empty house and miss him like crazy. Then he comes back and drives me insane again!


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