Monday, December 28, 2009

I could get used to this

So we begin week two of vacation and let me tell you, I could really get into this, which is funny because not long ago, I was totally freaked out that I was, in fact, unemployed. I guess what I'd like is to get paid to be on vacation!

Truth be known, I probably would not like that. I love my job and it really bothered me not to be working.

What I am really enjoying about this vacation is the break from the running. The Boy is playing basketball...let me rephrase that. The Boy is on the basketball team! He rarely plays...the team has to be losing pretty badly for them to put in the 6th graders! This is his very first year playing basketball and while he is learning a lot, he has never not been good at a sport before; he has never been a bench-warmer. It is a new experience for him, and one that I hope humbles him some. Anyway, practices are pretty much every day, so there is a good amount of running (mostly to pick him up, but it's running all the same).

While the official competition season is over for The Girl, she still has two meets left. The state competition was back in early December. The Girl finished well; third place overall. She finished first on floor, second on vault, and third on beam and bars. There were very few girls in her group, but we are proud of her just the same. Her next two meets are relatively minor ones and her hours in the gym have been cut back a tiny bit. Still, over this Christmas break, there has been no practice and I have really enjoyed not running to the gym twice a day three days a week!

We have watched TV together as a family! What a novel concept that has been! We all watched the Sing Off last week, and really enjoyed it. We were rooting for The Beelzebubs, but we all liked Nota as well. We would love to see another "season" of the fun show.

We have also slept in this past week, which is something we rarely get to do. I've made a point to wake up earlier, though, to enjoy the peace and quiet of the house before the rest of the family comes downstairs and wreaks havoc! I said, I could totally get used to this whole vacation thing. Hope you are all enjoying whatever break you have from your busy schedule!


  1. LOL - I feel so guilty when I enjoy a day off from work because I was so desperately looking for a job, and now that I have one it's like I don't want to be here. Which isn't true, i just like it when I'm NOT here and they still pay me :)

  2. The little things in life become extra special when we can slow down and enjoy life! So happy for you, glad you are enjoying your family! We have managed to play a couple board and card games, as well! Enjoy week #2- I hate to tell ya, it will fly by!

  3. We're doing a lot of the same things. Loved The Sing Off & B is playing basketball as well. We are enjoying the small break from the gym but G's season is just swinging into high gear & will end in March - lots of traveling in my future. Enjoy the rest of your break & when you find that job that pays you to be on vacation - let me know.


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