Friday, December 25, 2009

We did it!

Well, we managed to pull off a decent Christmas morning after all. It was not, of course, without incident, but it worked!

Last night, around 11pm, I heard The Girl vomiting. I did not go rushing to her because she's pretty good about it and makes it to the toilet about 99% of the time. Last night was the 1%. There was puke EVERYWHERE...even her walls! I guess she'd puked on her blankets and, in an attempt to throw them off, splattered puke all over the place. OMG, it was GROSS!!

We got her into the shower and I started trying to clean her room. All her stuff is in the garage right now. Not sure what to do with it...I'm thinking throw it all away and get new blankets! Did I mention how gross this is?! I'm not sure her carpet will ever be clean again. She ate a LOT of chocolate cake yesterday. I also found out she was not lying when she said she ate some green beans! YUCK! I know...TMI, but it was kind of funny to me.

While we were dealing with the mess, she puked again. This time, in the potty. In fact, she ended up sleeping in the bathroom last night. She had blankets and a mat and slept next to the toilet. Poor thing. She kept saying "MY GUTS ARE COMING OUT!"

About an hour later, she puked one more time, but, since she was in the bathroom, it was easy.

Needless to say, NO ONE was up and ready when The Boy came in at 8 this morning! I made him wait (I know...bad mommy) and begged him to give us till 9:30, which he did. He ate breakfast and played some of the new PS2 games he got yesterday from Grandma. The stinker also looked in his stocking! Can't say I blame him...I'd have done the same thing!

We finally got up and came downstairs to open presents. There weren't many, but they were good ones. The girl was shocked beyond belief to open her big gift...a pair of Uggs. She'd been begging for them and we had said no! The Boy got new sports stuff, which is ALWAYS a hit with him!

I hope you are all warm and safe this holiday season! From our house to yours, happy holidays!

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