Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adventures in Farming - Chapter 3

Well, I have no new photos today, but I will update on our adventures. Technically, I do have photos, but there is nothing particularly new about them and they'd probably be boring to you!

We went back up to the farm to do some work. We keep forgetting how big it is...except when The Husband is mowing. I swear, he's mowed at least a full year's worth and barely dented the property! Our goal was to mow all that is "tillable," but that was NOT going to happen! A portion of the property where the house will sit is done and maybe half of another field is done. That's all!

We also decided to change our house plans (which I'm sure will happen another dozen times or so)! We have decided that we are going to build a small cottage first. It will serve as a guest house when our house is built. It also means we will build a smaller home for ourselves, as we will have the extra cottage for when we have company.

Our plan is to go very simply and somewhat rustic in the cottage. I think we've decided on a 600 sq ft footprint. It will have two loft areas to serve as bedrooms, increasing the total square footage to around 1000. We have not even begun to look at floor plans...just sketching things out on our own. The cottage will be directly in front of the lake we intend to build; it will back up to the lake, actually. The Husband also wants to build a pavilion of sorts right off the lake for entertaining. I think it's going to be so neat.

That's about all for this update. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer. I'll keep you posted and put up new pix when I get some!

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