Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blog music

I have music here on my blog. (I know - shocking! I wasn't sure you'd all noticed!) I like the music (obviously) because I put it there.

Funny thing is, when I go to other people's blogs, the first thing I do is turn off their music, which leads me to wondering how many of you do the same? Clearly, I have a whole lot of 80s music on here, and, truth be told, I never really cared what anyone else thought of it. Some days, I'll click on my blog and minimize the window just to hear my music, which is pretty silly since I can open iTunes and do the same thing...with a whole lot more music!

(Have you all figured out yet that I really have absolutely nothing worthwhile to blog about so I'm randomly spewing nonsense? No? Good, I was hoping not.)

So I'm thinking I could maybe take requests, you know, like a DJ would. EXCEPT (because there is always an 'except') there are certain types of music I don't like. For instance, I cannot stand Country music. It irritates me in a way I cannot fully express (which is funny because our wedding song was a country song...but I digress).

That being said, what suggestions do you have? Leave them in the comments...maybe I'll add some!


  1. That's what I do, too! I love music, but I find other peoples' music distracting while I'm reading their blogs. I would put music on mine, too, but I bet people would just turn it off.

    But if you like music on your blog, then who cares if others turn it off? Your blog is your blog and it should make you happy.

  2. I guess the bigger question here is - what was your wedding song? I am so tempted to guess but I do so value our friendship. So much in fact, I am going to log off now because let's face it - I am not known for my patience. :-)

  3. Ok - ok - I couldn't stand it!!!! Was it "She thinks my tractor's sexy?" LMAO!!!!!!!

  4. As the mother of the bride I can give you a definite NO on that one.

  5. I turn the music off on other blogs as well. It's a true whistle blower on the "not working" thing. wink, wink! Anywho ~ I'd have to say some 4 Non Blondes is always a good alternative to the alternative but I'd run the risk of being called 'old' by other bloggers out there. pffft.


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