Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Upgrades and technical difficulties

I don't have a whole lot to blog about right now, so here is the extent of the excitement in our corner of the universe...

The Husband came home last week exasperated; he finally realized he needed a new cell phone. No one could argue this fact, as he was sporting a Nokia 6102i. His particular model was so old, it actually has cingular inscribed on it, rather than at&t!

I can't recall exactly when The Husband got this phone, but I know it was at least 4 years ago because some of the photos he took were in a house we purchased in 2006. I'm fairly certain he got the phone in 2005, though. The way technology runs, I'm shocked it has lasted so long (and so well...despite the duct tape on the antenna)!

With a grumble, The Husband decided to go for the iPhone 4. He said he didn't want to bother with the 3Gs because he knew even the 4 would be obsolete in about two years, so why not go ahead?! While he was at work the next day, I went out and got him his new phone (which he likes so far and he has not had any issues. Regardless, he will go get the band Apple offered as a fix for the antenna problem).

I have an iPhone 3G. From the moment I purchased it, I thought I'd regret not buying the 3Gs. At first, it was no biggie, but lately, I've regretted it. Also, for whatever reason, my phone decided it would no longer recognize any wifi networks...even if they were manually entered. I wanted to upgrade, but could not justify the cost; I have not had my phone a full year yet.

Luckily for me, my neighbor, who is rather techno-savvy, upgraded her 3Gs to a 4. I was able to purchase her old phone for a mere fraction of the cost of a new one. I upgraded from an 8M 3G to a 32M 3Gs...all for only $50!

I will admit I was nervous about switching everything over, and, for the most part, it hasn't been too bad. My apps and music switched without a hitch. Moving my photos proved to be a more labor intensive issue and, while I did manage to get them moved, they are in a different place than they were on my original phone. Contacts were OK; I never synced to any accounts, so I could only move what was on my sim card. I will have to go back through them and fix them (which will be time consuming and a royal PITA, but I'll get it done).

Syncing my calendar has proven to be the most difficult thus far. I show that all my calendars are on my new phone; however, not all my events are showing up. Not sure about that and it will cause me some grief, but I'll manage. For a while, I suspect I will be carrying both phones for the purpose of keeping organized!

So...if you were wondering how I was spending my final two weeks before going back to work, now you know. I'll be playing with my new phone trying to get it set-up like my old one!


  1. Now THAT sounds like a fun thing to do! Guess I'll keep my Nokia (newer than the husband's) for a while longer!

  2. Well, I wanted to upgrade, but could not justify the cost; I have not had my phone a full year yet. Anyways, Nice Post!

  3. I'm holding out on the new technology, as usual. I just have a regular old cell phone, although it has the qwerty keyboard, which I love. I would get an iphone or a Blackberry, but I already have a little internet addiction problem and having it in my hand all day long could be very bad. Plus I don't want to pay the extra money.

    But it sure sounds fun!

  4. Nice idea of sharing your thoughts, and I'm planning on upgrading my phone but, I'm not sure about the cost too.

  5. That is an old model of a Nokia phone. Its pretty cool that we still keep our old phones even we buy new one. Its nice to see it for how many years you keep it and enjoy thinking the memories of the phone.


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