Friday, January 21, 2011

Feelings of abandonment

Yes, I know you are experiencing them. I'm sorry.

But it's not my fault!


It all started about a month ago. I noticed my iPhone was not keeping its charge. It went from keeping a good charge for a few days to not keeping a charge for ONE full day. Then, a few days later, I was on my pc and suddenly, it froze. No clue why. I restarted it, but it was all for naught. Despite repeated efforts, I could not bring it back. I was sliding into a technological black hole!

Luckily, I'd gotten an iPad for Christmas/Chanukah, so I was not entirely out of the loop. I was still able to get online, but it just wasn't the same. (I have gotten more savvy on the iPad since then).

After a week or so, I managed to get The Kids' computer back online. For some bizarre reason, it often has trouble accessing our wireless network (quite bizarre, since the xbox, which is about four feet from the pc has NO trouble recognizing the wireless; The Boy spends a significant amount of time on Live).

So, I am back online somewhat regularly, but this computer is out of my way and I don't come in here all that often. My pc is at a friend's house and the word is it is going to live. As soon as it is totally healed, I'll be online more often. Perhaps I'll even blog more too!

ps - still have not fixed my phone. It needs a full-blown restore (deeper than can be done from home) and I had to wait till I could update my itunes on this pc before I allowed such silliness!

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