Wednesday, May 4, 2011


One of my dearest and closest friends is an incredibly busy woman. We try, all the time, to plan get-togethers, but they rarely work out. I am always working around The Boy and The Girl, not to mention The Husband. Plus, there is work, the house, the dog, and all sorts of other things. She has to work around her THREE kids and her husband, plus HER work, pets, and all sorts of other things. We live so close to each other, but rarely see one another.

This afternoon, just after I'd gotten home, she called. She had just picked up her kids from school. The conversation turned to her asking if I was on my way out the door to run to some sort of sporting event. No, actually, I was not. Was she running off to one of her kids' obligations? No. Surprisingly, she was not headed anywhere in particular. She had to run to the store, but that was all. So, she came over.

We decided to leave all the kids here and we ran to the store together. Then, I asked her to stay for dinner.

We had a wonderful time. Our kids, despite their age differences, get along beautifully. The Boy is 13; her oldest boy is 10. The Girl is 12; her girl is 8. They have known each other their entire conscious lives; as far as they know, they have always been friends. We had a fabulous dinner and toasted to ten years of memories and friendship.

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