Sunday, June 26, 2011


First, I'd like to report that the blood work on The Dog came back good. According to the vet, The Dog is fine. I'm not 100% convinced. I still won't allow free access to water because she is still overdoing it. She gets water in the morning and if I give her more, I make sure she is outside. Just last night, I had her out back and gave her some; she drank it too quickly and puked a little back up.


Last night, this place was a mad house. One of my neighbors has four kids; two teens and two toddlers. Another neighbor and I decided to take all the kids so my first neighbors could have a date night. Since I have teens, I took the older two; my friend, who has a 3-yr-old, took the younger two. In addition to the two I took, The Boy had another friend over. I had 5 teenagers ranging in age from 12 - 15.

My first challenge was feeding all these kids - 3 of whom are boys! That proved easier than I'd anticipated. Pizza. We ate around 6pm, so I knew there would have to be a second round of feedings! For that, I loaded them all up and took them out for ice cream. I realize many of you think it would have been cheaper to buy ice cream at the store, but to be honest, it was less than $20 to take them all out (including me) and they were able to get a better variety this way.

Everyone stayed up WAY too late. I called it quits just after midnight. At 2:30 AM, I had to yell at them for standing outside my door arguing (that would be MY darlings, not their friends!). I did not hear another peep until I got up. I went in search of bodies and found them sprawled out all over the floor in the bonus room!

I was concerned about breakfast, but all three who stayed had to run home to get ready for church, so I did not end up feeding anyone breakfast!

Overall, they all had a blast. I know mine are tired and I definitely see naps in our future. Luckily, it's a rainy day, so it's a perfect excuse to 'lay up sorry' all day long!

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