Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A trip to the dentist

Yesterday, The Girl had to have some teeth pulled. Our first attempt at this was back in April. She had an appointment for April 22. She needed 4 teeth pulled so she can get her braces on. That trip did NOT go well. At all. The Girl hates shots and such. I did not even tell her why we were going to the dentist because I knew she'd freak out. When she figured it all out, guess what happened? She freaked out! The only thing that angered me about the entire thing is that I had asked the dentist for one Valium for The Girl to take prior to the appointment and the receptionist acted as though I'd asked them to build me a meth lab! "We don't do that here!" was her reply.

Um...OK. Whatever.

We finally got in for another appointment; this one was to discuss our options. Whatever. Just pull the freaking teeth. They are baby teeth and none need to be cut. It's NO biggie!

The plan was made that we would come in and they'd give her some meds to "relax" her. Um...didn't they just act like I was crazy when I suggested that?! Whatever! Yesterday was the big day. The Girl was to eat nothing after 1pm. We had to be at the dentist at 4:15pm for the meds; they'd do the procedure after hours. Fortunately (for The Girl, as she'd have been footing the bill) they did not charge us for the meds nor did they charge us an after hours fee.

While she was nowhere near as funny as David, she was, in fact, amusing. At first, she insisted she felt nothing different. After the gas, though, she was pretty darned loopy. She never fell asleep (she was not supposed to), but she was definitely somewhere else. This girl who claims to have a morbid fear of needles chatted with the dentist the entire time he had needles in her mouth. After about the 9th shot, she said, "Am I going to get a shot now?" We all laughed.

The teeth came out without incident. Our biggest trouble was that her gums bled longer than we'd anticipated. When we ran out of gauze, a friend suggested using a tea bag. Just wet it a bit and use it the same way you'd use gauze. It totally did the trick.

Today, The Girl is talking a little funny, but that's about all. She is fine and in no pain. She is still working on the vanilla shake a friend brought her last night...but she is eating it with a spoon!

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