Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Hahaha! Now you are all singing that song. It's stuck in my head and I shouldn't be the only one!

Before our house was built, this area was a field. It was a rotating field of corn and soybeans. I know this because across the street, behind the houses, is the rest of the field and those are the two rotating crops. With a field comes field mice.

This house is about five years old. That means that for as long back as anyone can remember up until about five years ago, there were field mice EVERYWHERE. When we first moved in, we expected mice. We had quite a few, but they have since care of. Now, we get one or two mice every year.

Two days ago, I noticed remnants of said mouse under the kitchen sink. Last night, I cleaned out the cabinet and set my trusty trap. Now many people think the sticky stuff is more humane than the snap-traps. I beg to differ. The snap-trap is a swift and almost instant kill. The sticky stuff is slow and painful. The green blocks the exterminator uses sometimes work, but we still get the stray mouse here and there.

This afternoon, I decided to check the trap. Sure enough, the little field mouse was dead under the sink. Then it was a matter of "who wants to get rid of the mouse?" It was just like the Little Red Hen. All I heard was variations of "not I..." So, I grabbed my plastic grocery bag and used it as a glove to dispose of our now dead critter.

I set another trap just in case our friend was not acting alone...but I'm guessing he might have been as there were not signs of him anywhere else besides the sink.

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. I have lived on a farm for only three years now. I HATE the freaking mice. Just sayin'.


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